The Best Tools to Achieve my HR Project Goals

My Project Tools

Each project requires the right set of tools that will help you plan, design and develop a new website. You can go cheap, or you can buy or rent costly solutions. In my project management story, I have decided that I will go the cheap way. I will use the tools that I can get for free.

Well, as you can notice, I have a few exceptions in the collection of my project design and delivery tools...

This is a fresh start. Again.

My HR Management Project

I was never good with my new year resolutions. I usually fail, because I am not a patient person. I am getting bored easily and quickly. Sure, I know that I need to wait for results to come. Even Rome was not built in a day. I know that I ruined my success with websites I was developing. I left them before they can become my personal success story. I abandoned them before they could take off...